How I met Python

It was from one of my friend, I first came to know about Python. 2 years after that, I again saw a tutorial series in a famous daily in my mother tongue. This time also I didn't give it a look. One day I had a discussion with my friend. Actually I wanted him to explain me the concept of object oriented programming language. Though I had prior experience in C++ and Matlab, I didn't try to know more about the concepts. This brilliant friend of mine, introduced me to some core concepts of object oriented programming approach. Later I realised, this is inside many of the software I use every day, namely Excel, AutoCAD, Femap. He also mentioned about Python. This time it caught my attention. Another friend once told, there is a guy named Bucky Roberts, who demonstrates the basics of Python through a series of short videos. [Visit - truly awesome]. I visited the website and the YouTube channel. That's what I remember when I think about How I met Python.