ParaView 5.6.3 Compiling Error - OpenFOAM-1912

During the ParaView compilation from source when I tried to install OpenFOAM 1912, I came across the following situation.

The command I typed in was ./makeParaView 

It showed this error.

./makeparaview: 64: local: -dwm_dp: bad variable name
./makeparaview: 64: -DOPENFOAM : bad variable name 

Here I found the solution.  

Translating, this is what Captain suggested.

"In Ubuntu, / bin / sh points to dash by default, and this error occurs. Run sudo dpkg-reconfigure dash, enter the password, select <NO> and press Enter, and point / bin / sh to bash. Dash is a more lightweight shell than bash, but it has fewer features."

Thank you So much.