Microsoft Excel VBA : Getting started

Another recent discovery which I came across some days before is the VBA in Microsoft Excel. We everyday uses Microsoft Excel for many purposes. With VBA in Microsoft Excel, you will be able to do a lot more than before. You will be able to do a lot of automation and programming including defining functions. Imagine an excel sheet, in a single click of a button the full sheet gets populated with values and graphs without a single formula in a cell. It may have its own disadvantages. Still, the Power which VBA unleashes is awesome. Google exactly for 'Easy Excel VBA'. It's a good starting point. After once we have a macro recorded or written in VBA, in the developer tab, we can see the whole code of the Macros. It's there we create our VBA code and use as Excel Macros and Functions. With a little basic knowledge in VBA Macros can be made highly efficient in terms of execution time and code length. Stay tuned for more.