VR Game - 3D walk through Unity - GoogleVR SDK

This is a quick note on how to create a VR Walkthrough game quickly using GoogleVR and Unity.

The packages required are as follows.

1. Unity Game Engine
2. GoogleVR SDK 
3. Couple of C# scripts to control the player movement
4. Android studio with the required Platform and Build tools installed.
5. Java Development Kit 8 - JDK8

Quick Steps to follow:
1. Add GvrEditorEmulator to the scene - to the main tree
2. Add GvrEventSystem to the scene- to the main tree if you want to interact based on events.
3. Create an empty object and name it "Player"
4. Add the Main Camera inside the player as its child.
5. Add the GvrReticlePointer as a child of Main Camera inside the player.
6. Add the GVRPointerPhysicsRaycaster as a component in Main Camera. 

To make the character move we have a couple of options. 
1. Using the click or touch option

 Add rigid body and capsule collider to the player and add the playerWalk script. Player speed determines the amount by which the player and camera moves.

2. Using the Gyroscope of the Device. i.e. If the angle of inclination of the camera is beyond a particular degree, it will transform forward.

Add character controller and VRLookWalk script. Speed and toggle angle can be adjusted to start the movement.